Top 3 Competencies That Would Significantly Improve Your Performance Ranking This Year

Recent data has concluded that more than 75% of the employees feel that they have hit the rock bottom in their careers. They are trapped in their jobs that affect their productivity, performance, engagement level, and the retention of the company. If you are one of them and want to bring a change, want to come out of your monotonous working zone, and want to improve your performance, it would take around six to eight months to break the ice and establish yourself as one of the top-performing employees of the company. Let’s have a look at this set of competencies that would help you stand out among your peers and make you worthy of your position. 

Learn, Unlearn & Relearn 

Adaptability and change is the core competency to sustain and grow in a career and in a professional environment where new competencies are emerging as frequently as the exciting one fades, it is important to keep learning, relearning and unlearning the information as soon as it comes. Sometimes, our experienced employees are reluctant to learn new technology and are fixated on the outdated versions of working, and their unadaptability to change makes them redundant in the long run. Today’s era is all about expanding your knowledge base, seeking new skills, and information and being prepared to positively respond to any change that comes your way. That’s the only key to surviving in your highly competitive professional life. 

Stay Focused On Your Goals 

Setting goals are an integral part to keep a check on your performance and efficiency in your personal and professional life. It makes you more productive, helps you evade distractions, and to evaluate your performance in the longer run. It is important that you set goals that are achievable and are designed to outreach the best version of yours. When you put effort to attain a specific goal, you tend to single-task, get rid of the screen, calm down the negative voices in your head, blackout people for a certain time and focus and when a certain goal is accomplished, it comes with a sense of worth, elation, evaluation and gives you the courage to look forward to achieving a bigger milestone. 

Hard & Soft Skills

If you want to achieve a competitive advantage over your peers, gain additional skills to add value to your work and your position. Stay ahead of the innovations taking place in your field by attending workshops, conferences, and roadshows. This will help you expand your current skills while developing new ones that are crucial to your career. To become an expert in your field, keeping pace with the new technology, trends and skills is a must. Also, with hard skills, soft skills are equally important to sustain a career. Interpersonal skills are the social skills that will help in maintaining a candid relationship with your team where there is easy communication, problem-solving suggestions, teamwork, leadership, and positivity that is crucial for a healthy working environment. 

The industry-specific skills are crucial to sustaining a career, the relevant experience, the agility to respond to the needs of clients and stakeholders, the clear communication – verbal or written, healthy collaboration to learn different perspectives, the ability to empower yourself and others, the essential technical skills, the problem solving and negotiating skills, the creativity in developing ideas and solutions and the resilience in the face of failure are the skills that are required in this fast-changing work environment that is becoming more globalized every day. Technology has revolutionized our daily working techniques and we are stepping into the future of work. And that wants us to accelerate our careers and move fast. 

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