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TrustLogicsTM is pursuing a token sale with the ultimate objective of solving the global hiring industry’s inefficiencies via decentralization. Pre-sale 1 of the TrustLogicsTM Token (TLT) will be launched as a part of our Surprise Box Sale – the first of its kind among token generation events.


Standard Token Price: $0.08 USD

Pre-sale 1 Discount: 35% + Mystery Digital Vouchers

Token Price for Pre-sale 1: $0.052 USD

First $1 million contribution

Start Time: 25 June 2018 at 00:01 EST

End Time: 15 July 2018 at 00:01 EST


Anyone who makes a contribution of $100 receives a unique digital Mystery Digital Voucher from the Surprise Box.

Unique Mystery Digital Vouchers are generated for contributions in multiples of $100.

For example, someone who makes a contribution of $200 gets 2 unique Mystery Digital Vouchers and someone who contributes $1000 gets 10 unique Mystery Digital Vouchers.

Each and every unique Mystery Digital Voucher will contain a guaranteed gift of anywhere between 50 to 12500 TLT.

IMPORTANT: The odds of winning remain the same regardless of the size of your contribution. The unique Mystery Digital Voucher generated by a $100 contribution has the same odds attached to it as all the individual Mystery Digital Vouchers generated by a $1000 contribution. They will be unlocked as soon as the TrustLogicsTM Surprise Box Sale is completed.

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About TrustLogics

At TrustLogicsTM our mission is to streamline the global recruitment industry’s inefficiencies – fake resumes, faulty hiring, lack of background verification, data loss – by harnessing the immutable and secure characteristics of blockchain, and a patent-pending technology for the benefit of both professionals and independent service providers (ISPs).

Our founders, with a cumulative experience of 2 decades in staffing, strong team of global advisers, and dedicated teams (in U.S.A. & India) are focused on keeping professional data secure and developing a global trusted information gateway by partnering with international organizations like AIESEC and countries like the Republic of Guinea and Republic of Suriname.