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Top 3 Competencies That Would Significantly Improve Your Performance Ranking This Year

Recent data has concluded that more than 75% of the employees feel that they have hit the rock bottom in their careers. They are trapped in their jobs that affect their productivity, performance, engagement level, and the retention of the company. If you are one of them and want to bring a change, want to […]

7 Things That You Can Practice To Improve Your Career

Improving your work life is a subtle art. It’s not about multitasking but it’s more about eliminating things that you don’t really need in your professional life. It’s about prioritizing your time and energy so that you can spend more time doing the things effectively that make you happy. It’s about taking a look at […]

5 Inclusive Practices To Include In Your Hiring Process

As the business world has revolutionised, creating a diverse and inclusive workforce is now crucial to an organization’s survival among its competitors. Old organizational practices were often based on bias and discrimination among races, genders, ages and sexualities, but we live in a more inclusive world now. Which is why it is important to make […]

7 Jobs For A Business Degree Graduate

The job market these days is tough for everyone. Especially with the pandemic situation more companies are laying off their employees rather than hiring new ones. So if you’re a corona graduate then it must be crossing your mind what to do with your degree and what career path to choose. Don’t worry business officials […]

4 Tips For Career Change Without Going Crazy

People change careers for many different reasons such as passion, finances, location or plain old job satisfaction. Before you decide to jump ship, its important to figure out what you would like to try or have strengths for. According to Joblist’s mid life career survey 47% people change careers because of more money, 39% because […]

5 Ways To Be More Focused At Work

Taking charge of your mind is what helps you stay focused on a task until it is completed. A forte of the great leaders of the world who programmed their brains to ceaselessly focus on one task at one time and learned to avoid any shiny distraction coming their way. We do understand that you […]

5 Productivity Hacks Successful People Use

Not sure how to be productive anymore? It’s definitely a challenge faced by modern society as people in the past didn’t have many distractions such as facebook, instagram and what not. With corona on our back and work from home there is bound to be some a loop of multitasking as well.  Each time we […]

8 Bad Money Habits To Destroy In 2021

Some of us are addicted to habits that tend to keep our wallet empty at all times. Whether it’s the start of the month or the end, you are always running out of cash. I’m sure the only reason for this isn’t the increasing inflation as compared to your small paycheck but something more complicated. […]

10 Trends That Are Currently Impacting the Future of Work

Despite the fact that we didn’t expect that the future of work would come so rapidly, the sudden shift to remote work and the rise of virtual work environments is constraining us to adjust to these changes. For bosses that choose to keep their  workspaces centralised, the workplace of tomorrow will be intended to keep […]

Best Three Work-life Balance Books To Read

Are you aiming to achieve a balanced work-life? Do you want to learn how to handle your failures? Or are you looking for a guide to improve your productivity? Nowadays it is very tough to balance work with life. Family, relationships, hobbies and health are often neglected due to the stress and overload. If you […]