7 Jobs For A Business Degree Graduate

The job market these days is tough for everyone. Especially with the pandemic situation more companies are laying off their employees rather than hiring new ones. So if you’re a corona graduate then it must be crossing your mind what to do with your degree and what career path to choose. Don’t worry business officials are always needed in offices in order to ensure that the business runs smoothly so just make sure that you keep applying, stay determined and focused on landing the right job a lot of which has to do with building your CV and acing your interviews. 

Here are some of the best career paths for you after a business degree! 

1. Sales 

For a lot of people who study business it has been observed that they are really good at selling products and convincing people. So a sales career may be the ideal career path for someone who is people’s person! The job would require you to maintain good relationships with all your customers, use them to reach out to more people, ensure the distribution of products is being done effectively. You may come into a position of control and managerial powers after some time because a lot of people start working as sales rep and then move onto becoming a manager. 

2. Accounting 

If your business degree was done with a focus on accounting and finance then accounts would be a great option for you and even high paying! The most important thing that any organization needs is management of their finances and effective division in order to ensure that all departments work effectively and coherently. Bookkeeping, budgeting, investments, expenses and much more. The role is not limited to just managing money but also advising the company how they may be able to increase profitability and decrease their running costs. 

3. Social Media Marketing 

Working in the 21st Century is impossible without making use of the social media. ANy business graduate who is smart enough and tech savvy can get this job. Specifically someone who did his BBA with marketing as a major may be preferred for the job but what this job requires is more than just bookish knowledge. In this position, you can plan the strategy of launching a product on social media, the presence of your company online, content development to keep your customers intact and much more. Don’t underestimate the power of this position the digital or virtual image of a company is very important these days! 

4. Actuary 

This one is for someone who is a little bit of a book nerd. Actuaries have a very specific yet essential role in companies mostly in insurance companies. What they do is that they calculate the probability of risks occurring like any natural disasters, deaths, any unforeseen circumstances or any instance where an insurance company would become liable to pay an insurance claim. They do this by making use of graphs and previous data with reference to economics, accounting and finance after which they carry out some critical analysis using softwares to finally come up with results. 

5. Business Teacher 

The most respectable and cherished profession is teaching, many people look down upon teaching as something people who don’t get a job do. But that’s actually not the reality, teaching is one of the best professions. It’s not as time demanding as many other jobs but you still get a good amount of money and plenty of vacations too! Secondly, being able to educate a large number of kids is a privilege not a lot of people get in their lives so utilise this opportunity to do your best. Anyone with strong interpersonal and communication skills will be a good fit for a job like this. 

6. Human Resource 

A very common position that business graduates end up taking is in the Human resource departments of companies. The role that HR officials pay is very easy but also very essential to the smooth running of a company. Their most common duty is to screen, select, interview and then hire employees. They help in salary negotiations; however, this role is not limited to new hires only when a promotion is in play. The role of HR is very important. They keep the communication between all departments and make sure that the office has a healthy environment where everyone is thriving. 

7. Loan Officers

This is a very interesting position to be working in because your opinion in a lot of cases and almost entirely determines whether someone will be granted a loan. A loan that may help them rebuild their life. No pressure, the job is very good for someone who knows their way around financial data. The job mostly includes evaluating financial documents of applicants and also advising people as to what kind of loan they may be liable to receive and how to make sure their application is following all the rules and regulations. 

No matter how many options are available in the market, if someone doesnt work hard and lacks consistency thereof it may be impossible for them to have a career. So remember always that consistency and hardwork are the key!

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