5 Practical Ways To Achieve Remote Work-Life Balance

Since the beginning of the pandemic in 2020, traditional 9-to-5 business hours have gone out the window. In addition, the idea of working at the offices is no longer the norm. Instead, many professionals are working at home and, in many cases, with their families around them as well.

Many have reported that their work-life balance has worsened. Remote work, previously considered a lifestyle is now a necessity for a majority of us. It had us from designating makeshift workspaces to running behind children while juggling the Zoom calls. 

What is Work-Life Balance?

It is how we divide our limited mental, physical or emotional energy between work and everything else in life. This critical boundary between work and personal life often gets blurry while working from the comfort of the home. It is crucial to know that being successful in both work and personal life is essential. However, that does not necessarily mean a 50/50 split. With the ebb and flow, some aspects sometimes will require more attention than others.

Why is Work-Life Balance Important?

Work-life balance helps in a vast area. Let’s look at its benefits and perks:

  • It can reduce stress: Balanced focus on both work and life can reduce stress and has other advantages for your physical and mental health.
  • It is likely to boost more productivity: both at work and in your pursuits.
  • You will feel more motivated: you will find both work and casual activities enjoyable
  • It will boost your creativity: with the renewed motivation, you can be more creative
  • You will have more control: perhaps most importantly, a proper balance will give you more control. And when everything is under control, we are calmer than before.

 How to Achieve Remote Work-Life Balance

To maintain work-life balance, let’s look at the following ways:

1.  Maintain Boundaries

Clear boundaries do not exist while you work and live in the same area. Hence, it is essential to build a few. Dedicate specific periods to be at work, and to be off/ out of the office. While executing this flawlessly may rarely occur, especially with the messages on your phone and social media apps, creating a solid boundary can assist with recognizing when it is an ideal opportunity to work and unwind.

2. Designated Workspace

Experts advise creating a devoted work area. It is functional to have a particular workplace without many interruptions. That kind of forms a partition between home and work life. That being said, transform an extra room into an office or at minimum, assign a region for a makeshift workspace where only work takes place. This will give a new and fresh perspective to your work life. 

3. Socialize and Exercise

With no daily commute, socializing may not happen regularly. So, take out some time for a quick stroll in the park, or carry out a relaxing activity to break the monotony. It is great to take a break and spend time in a different environment when you work and live in the same four walls every day. In addition, it will refresh your mind, and give you time to think.

4. Do Not Multitask

As tempting as it seems, do not multitask at home. I repeat, don’t multitask. Sometimes, it may seem like an ideal situation to answer a few emails and watch TV- but it can obscure the line between home and work life. And it is not successful. Rather than giving split attention to everyone simultaneously, try to give each focused attention but at different times.

5. Do Not  Mix Work and Play

While remote work gives you the adaptability to run several errands during work hours, for instance, going to the mall when there are fewer people, that does not mean placing tons of activities in the middle of the day. Create a schedule that commits hours for work and unwinding. Adhering to it will assist in accomplishing the fragile balance between work and life.

6. Make Time for Yourself

Prioritize hobbies and meditation practices or anything that brings you joy and peace. This will impact your capability to work in a positive way when you work from home. Therefore, it is crucial to set time aside to take care of yourself to keep your mind refreshed. Prioritize yourself. If you are too intent on working for the whole day, you will tire yourself out in the long run.  

In the end, remember: remote work has its fair share of benefits, but that does not mean there will not be any struggles or issues you will face as you adjust to the new normal. Even if you have been doing this for years, the added pressure because of the children and other responsibilities can make it more challenging. To make the most out of this advice, start with two tips that suit you best, and start implementing them today.

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